Monday, July 4, 2011


BEGIN the betray..
BEGIN the way i go..
BEGIN every things i never try
BEGIN start kill the cell for love..
BEGIN go a head..
BEGIN the sky still blue..
BEGIN the naughty own i have..
BEGIN club club club..
BEGIN not for end..
BEGIN life for enjoy..
BEGIN unlock myself..
BEGIN maggi to wan tam mee..

BUT stop the bullshit step with her..even i still love her..even i still care her..but doesn't matter for me already,i beliave u will regret what u do..this is what u want..u make your entire world selfish..halo,bye bye..

Monday, March 7, 2011


that was third night my kl life without u..
my mood will down if u think about u..
start feel lonely if u are away..
really hope the life u beside me hug me and talking with me..
BTW..tml u will be back from sarawak..huhu,finally can see u with my small eyes..kaka..
i love u..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

miss~ing you!!!

tonight is second night u at sarawak...
my mood so down since kl life without u...
i just look at the dark sky..counting star..really missing u...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

that is my memory full of meaning with you...u are the only one make me cant breath if i without...
the story from begining in my life...u are the main character,is most important,most need,most wonderfull and most lovely..i love you..
tonight u going sarawak with ur classmate and college lecterer doin ur assignment..
tonight i cant slp well...i miss mind full of miss~ing u...
i really really miss u now...<3

Monday, November 8, 2010

nothing can sayyyyy.......!!!

since that day we keng abt our love problem....
i get it u are change dy...u seem like duno wat is "love"..
in tis 1year nearly...i dy rang u so much,gv u freedom max..
but wat i have in the end??what u gave me is sad and disappointed...
u never change urself..u keep do wrong as deep as long..

i realy hope u can be my girlfren seriously..
god bless us...<3<3<3

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

i will owiz miss u...

since u leave me..i ady feel lost everything my life..
since u come back..i can be a superman,so powerfull,so strong and so tough...
u are my everthing,my life,my roh..OMG...

Monday, December 28, 2009

having mcd in car....

tis is 1st time drive thru and having my mcd meal in car..lolx
tat feeling is special and xing fu...coz...vif her 2gether lor..keke...

Monday, December 21, 2009


gratzzz..i get so luck..

tis december many happening..manythings is over is pass..
i shuld enjoy and appreciate again..i will..i will..
dun worry..i will stay bside u..nothing and no 1 can bully u or try 2 hurt u...
i will be a superman...
to protect u..
to save u..

Monday, October 26, 2009

my final is near...

aiya..long times din post ady lor..coz no times and bz sumthing..

My final exam coming soon.... final is on 9th NOV 2009..scare and duno can score onot lor..rely no confident!!
btw..i nid stdy hard from now..dun think anything ady..juz concentrate on my final exam lar..
i hope jia shin can relax and enjoy her STPM..i hope her touble will fly away from her..
dun b stress and concentrate on ur STPM lar..rmb,dun force self..ok??
jia you owiz standing bside u and support u,help u,care u n luv u..keke^^
wat i can do is..PRAY FOR HER...

missing u now...rely miss u so so much...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

amber court!!!

do u all noe genting have tis amber court??
wah seh...scare and so scary errrr....

tat day go 1stworld stay 2 nites...take tis photo d..
guan ying ma bo bi..keke^^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lonely siting beside window..

When i feel lonely..
Normally i will find her to sms or talk phone d..
But she r trial stpm now,i shuld "ti liang" her d..
And i will support her by my luvly heart..
I owiz pray for her and wish for her..
I hope she can life happily and without stress..
I hope she can get good result in her stpm..
I hope she can life with me forever..
I hope she can facing her trouble..
But..i will standing beside her and help her..
And i also will take care her..protect her..
I rely cannot live without her..i need her..
I rely love her as deep as 1 day pass..
I rely wanna hug her in my hug..
I want tell her.."I LOVE YOU"..


by ..minCuN

2009/09/09...i love her..

wish we can sweet sweet forever and ever...
i love u..
i miss u...
i kiss u.......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A tired..............dayy

My college midterm is coming soon monday..zzz..very "scare"..haven prepare yet...
My heart still haven recover yet..still very "pain"..still very sad..still very disappoint now...haizzz
My times is going more times for prepare my midterm...sienzzz
My mood is worst than the ohters days and next day.
My hair is longer than before than before..
My way is hard to choose,solve,walk and see..
My life is full of challenge and trouble...

but after i knew something about and learn something from the worst way and bad mood and hard life...i understand many already..i know all of that just is our begin of life..that why i never give up for my life..for my love..for my family...

Im become better now already and im getting better now...i need thx my luvly lover..she support me many many..she advise me..she cover me..she stand me up..she take care me..she accompony me..she sayang me when i need her..she also never give me up..because i know she will r still love me so so much...

to be continue...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st time blog..shy luirrr^^ my 1st time blog o..
actualy duno wana type wat d..juz wana use blog 2 write sumthing 2 forget my sadness d..
tis few week many happen 4 me..come sundenly lar..rely cannot handle and settle it well..rely hard 2 recover back le...sad...T_T..

btw..i hope who was read my blog..must appreciate who all u love and dun try leave them..stay beside them and protect who u love..if not regret also late le..!!

duno wat to do now..
sad?? leave her?? "chase" her back?? forget her?? or trust her??

my choice is............TRUST HER....because i rely love her very very very very very much...
my choice is............CHASE HER BACK....because i rely wanna protect her forever...
my choice is............WAITING FOR HER....because i rely cannot "live without her"...

wo ai ni....