Monday, October 26, 2009

my final is near...

aiya..long times din post ady lor..coz no times and bz sumthing..

My final exam coming soon.... final is on 9th NOV 2009..scare and duno can score onot lor..rely no confident!!
btw..i nid stdy hard from now..dun think anything ady..juz concentrate on my final exam lar..
i hope jia shin can relax and enjoy her STPM..i hope her touble will fly away from her..
dun b stress and concentrate on ur STPM lar..rmb,dun force self..ok??
jia you owiz standing bside u and support u,help u,care u n luv u..keke^^
wat i can do is..PRAY FOR HER...

missing u now...rely miss u so so much...

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